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We think of scratch-and-dents and think of appliances.  Right?  Well, for a variety of reason, there are scratch 'n dents in the scooter world, too.  

Some times we get shipments with new scooters but they get banged around in transit.  Or we have a bunch of floor models that are brand new, but get a little wear-and-tear from customers handling them.  And they're all mechanically sound.

But it's not always complete scooters.  Might be used scooter parts, too.  Like decks or bars.

used pro scooter decksused pro scooter decks


Ok, so as a parent, or as a kid who's worked hard to save his/her allowance, should I care or be worried about used scooters or parts?  Good question.  Our answer is no.  And here's why.  Before we put a used scooter or part on our shop floor or online, we inspect it for any flaws.  Are we making a guarantee?  Nope, used scooters and parts are by definition not covered under any of the manufacturers' warranties.  But we do take the time to inspect them.  If we're not comfortable putting our name behind, then we don't.

used pro scooter bars                 used pro scooter bars


We maintain a list of used part on our used scooters and parts page, located here.  You should check often if you're interested in used parts/scooters.

We always recommend giving us a call or come visit out shop.

Thank you!

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