Wheels, wheels, and more wheels!

Today we’re going to talk about aftermarket scooter wheels. Besides grips one of the things that needs to be replaced at least once a year is wheels. Whether you ride street or park, fast or slow, in warm temperatures or cold ones, wheels ware down and eventually need to be replace. Here at PSS we know the struggle, that’s why we stock almost every aftermarket wheel available! At great prices and with so many to choose from it’s hard to know which ones are right for you. The article below should help you decide on your next pair of aftermarket wheels.

The most affordable

If you’re on a budget but really need a new set of wheels the following are your options: Lucky charms, Lucky Atom twos, Lucky toasters, and 841 Enzos.

All of the Lucky wheels I just listed come in 100mm and the Enzos come in 125mm. All these wheels are very good but keep in mind not all scooters are 125mm compatible but ALL scooters are 100mm compatible. You can get two charm wheels for just $44.99! That’s the best deal out of all the wheels listed because the charms come with preinstalled bearings and the awesome Lucky 90 day warranty. If anything happens to these guys within 90 days, Lucky will replace them free of charge.

The “best”

The wheels I listed in the paragraph above aren’t bad by any means. This group is more like “the trendiest wheels” or “most ridden”.

We’ve got the Lucky 10’s, Proto gripper/sliders, and River wheels. These three are highly voted as the best wheels on the market. They all offer something a bit different.

Lucky 10’s are the least expensive out of this group AND they’re the only wheels that come with preinstalled bearings and spacers. These wheels are so fast and smooth. They are highly recommended by all Lucky riders and are a fantastic wheel.

Proto grippers/sliders and River wheels are all around $40 - $45 each and don’t come with preinstalled bearings. These wheels come in a harder and softer urethane so you can pick what you want. These wheels also have a warranty and are backed by a lot of people in the Industry.

Final thoughts?

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive wheel or a top of the line one, Lucky is a very safe way to go. These wheels will come with bearings and a 90 day warranty.


I hope this short write up helped you to decide what your next set of aftermarket wheels will be. All wheels can be found on our site at http://www.proscootershop.com/