Scooters Halloween Trick or Treats

In the need for a new scooter? Shopping around to see where you can get it for the best price? Can’t decide on what shop to pick? We feel you. With the vast amount of shops popping up it’s hard to know where you should order from. At PSS not only do we have some of the best prices around but from now until October 31st we will be running a sweet little promotion. When you order ANY brand complete scooter off from now until October 31st we will throw in a FREE surprise package! Yeah you heard that right, FREE stuff! It’s kind of like when you go trick or treating. You don’t know what type of candy the next house will be handing out. Well you won’t know what’s in your surprise package until you open it. No two packages will be the same! Maybe you’ll get some pegs? Maybe some grips and bearings? Maybe new griptape? The possibilities are endless!