5 most iconic scooter parks in the world

Every park is different. Some are smaller some are bigger. Some are more popular than others. Today I’m going to list what I think are the five most iconic parks (within the scooter industry).

 5.  Sammamish AKA Sammy AKA mammers

Home to practically every NW pro rider, Sammamish is one of the most iconic parks on the west coast. If you’ve never been there, here’s a few things you should know. The lights stay on 24/7 (yes, 24 hours a day all day every day). It’s much smaller than it looks (that’s what every outsider seems to say who comes to shred it). It’s much better to ride it with a local (a local knows all the lines and can show you all the hidden treasures within Sammy skatepark). If you ever find yourself in Washington, a visit to this iconic park is a MUST.

 4.  The Incline Club (TIC)

Just like most other iconic parks it seems like TIC breeds new pro riders yearly. There’s always fresh talent within the park just waiting to be seen. Pro BMX’er Scotty Cramer built the park with his parent’s ages ago and it’s still around today. One of my favorite things about TIC is the fact there always changing the ramps and putting new stuff in. If you find yourself in dirty Jersey you should for sure check out the TIC (warning: no AIRCONDITIONING!!!!).

 3.  Corby

Known for having way too many resi’s and countless amounts for quarter pipes, Corby is the best park in the UK. It seems like every pro rider from Europe has been to Corby and absolutely loved it. Corby is also home to many pro BMX’ers. Everywhere you look there’s either a resi or a foam pit which makes it the ideal location for riders to learn any trick! If you ever go to Europe to scooter, you have to go to Corby.

 2.  GC Compound

Made famous by all the professional athletes that train there, GC Compound is the biggest and best down under. They’re always changing the ramps and doing something different with the layout which makes it so fun to have as a local. Every year lots of huge competitions get held there and anytime you walk in the door you will see someone shredding. GC Compound is a must visit if you like wooden ramps, foam pits, and having heaps of fun.

1.  Clairemont

Coming in at number one in my opinion would have to be Clairemont skatepark in sunny San Diego. The world’s best rider, Dakota grew up here as well as Jordan Robles, Vincent Kundra, and so many more. The biggest scooter competition in the whole U.S. is held here once a year (SD). The park features two sections and a huge concrete bowl. Whenever you enter it always seems to be packed with fresh talent and awesome shredders. You’ve most likely heard of Clairemont before but if you haven’t, look it up, it’s amazing!

That concludes my personal choice of the top 5 skateparks in the world. Feel free to share your top 5 with us.