Scooter Wheels - What to do about worn spots

We get quite a few in-shop questions about wheels, and what to do to make them last longer.  Mostly the Moms asking, since as you know, good wheels are not cheap.

Easy to say "it depends" on thinks like how you ride, how much you ride, park vs. street, how much braking you do.  Here are some ideas to help extend the life of pro scooter wheels.

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1. Invest in good wheels.  There are quite a few brands out there.  The ones that we hear the most good news about from our riders are Lucky TENs, Proto Grippers and Sliders, and any of the Eagles.

2.  Brake with caution.  Yes, scooters come with brakes.  But use sparingly.  Unless you're just doing straight downhill, you should be able to slow and stop with minimal braking.  Heck, that's what shoes are for.

3.  Alternate front and back.  Your dad 'rotates' the tires on his car.  Do the same on your scooter.  There's no difference in the front or back wheels; they are completely interchangeable.

Hope that helps!

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