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TSI Hep Greg Threshold Deck | Pro Scooter Shop

The TSI Hep Greg Threshold deck has become something of a cult classic in the freestyle scooter world. For the entry-level scooter riders, or even some intermediate level riders, TSI may be a complete mystery to you. However, for most seasoned veterans, TSI and the Threshold deck have both become household names in the industry. Bigger and badder than any other deck on the market, the TSI Threshold was designed for the toughest scooter riders in the game.

Designed by TSI’s own Greg Cohen, the Threshold was initially created with the older, bigger riders in mind, although, that hasn’t stopped plenty of little shredders from hopping on one of these bad boys. The Threshold is known as one of the most versatile scooter decks in the world today, due to its uncanny ability to perform the most technical of grind tricks. The TSI Threshold comes equipped with the following specifications:

  • Integrated Head Tube
  • 4.5 inches wide Boxed Extrusion
  • 6061 Aircraft grade aluminum: Heat treated to T6
  • Only 3.1 lbs
  • 24" Radius concave
  • Spring Steel FlexFender SX (fits 125mm wheels)
  • Grade 8 Axle bolt
  • Integrated Spacers
  • Welded with the highest grade welding rod (4643, used by Boeing on jets)

These killer aspects of the TSI Threshold are what separate it from the masses. The TSI Threshold also has an 83 degree head tube angle, as well as a deck length of 20.6” long. You can shred this pro scooter deck on any terrain and it will perform at a premium level. Currently only available in raw! You can get the TSI Threshold at the low price of just $179.99 at Pro Scooter Shop!