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Tilt Scooters Nimbus Fork | Pro Scooter Shop

We, at Pro Scooter Shop, carry a lot of different brands and a lot of different products, so when we have a product that stands out, in terms of quality, we like to highlight that product and celebrate it. Tilt Scooters has always been one of the leaders when it comes to bringing premium scooter parts to the masses, but their forks seem to even exceed that expectation. More specifically, the Tilt Nimbus fork, which is an innovation in pro scooter forks, has become a cult classic in the industry.

The Tilt Nimbus fork is a very sleek design that offers plenty of versatility and strength at the same time. Tyler Wheeland’s signature product, the Tilt Nimbus fork is a representation of Tyler’s love for Harry Potter, which explains the sweet lightning bolt on the steer tube of the fork. Some of the Tilt Nimbus fork’s specifications include:

  • Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Colors: Gray, Red, Gold, Blue, Purple, and Black.
  • Steerer Length: 6.0″
  • Offset: 10mm
  • Weight: 12.8 oz

One significant detail of this fork that separates it, in terms of quality, from other forks is the integrated thread on the inside of the fork steer tube, which means no more star nuts! However, that’s not why we have chosen to celebrate this great product. We are celebrating this product because of it’s superior strength and durability, in comparison to other pro scooter forks on the market. We have seen far fewer broken or damaged Tilt Nimbus forks than a large number of other forks in the industry. When seasoned pro scooter riders look for a high quality scooter fork, they look for a lightweight, high strength and versatile fork, just like the Tilt Scooter Nimbus Fork!