Why the Lucky Crew deck is perfect for you

The Lucky Crew complete is a perfect scooter for anyone from first time riders to pro level riders. It has everything you could need including metal core wheels, HIC compression, and one of the best decks on the market. I've talked about the complete as a whole before so today I’m going to focus in on specifically the deck and why you should buy the complete.

The Lucky Crew deck comes in 3 really cool colors, purple, white, and bright blue. The white and black complete looks so clean and for $229.95 you’re getting such a good deal. I’m going to focus in on the deck and what makes it so good.
  • Flat sides - The flat sides on the Lucky Crew deck are as good as it gets. They don’t hurt at all when you fingerwhip which is a problem for a lot of other decks. Also whip rewinds don’t kill your feet like most other decks do.

  • Integrated - It seems like this is the standard nowadays and Lucky doesn't disappoint. The Crew deck is integrated and the headset it comes with is straight butter. You’ll have no problem taking on and off the headset with your new Lucky Crew complete.

  • 19.5” long by 4” wide - It comes in a really good size and appeals to a lot of riders. Yea, some riders might think 4” is a bit too small but it’s not. You’ll be able to catch your tailwhips with ease on the Crew.

  • Perfect for noseblunts - The front of the deck is awesome when it comes to anything like noseblunt slides or stalls. It is also amazing for tricks like foot jams. Another thing about the Crew is, it is balanced super well for hang 5s.

  • Flex brake - The Crew complete comes with a flex brake. It’s hands down the best brake I have used. It screws in with two bolts which keep it super tight therefore keeping your scooter super dialed. Manuals will be easy peasy with your new Lucky Crew complete.

  • Super light - My favorite part about the Crew deck is how light it is. Having a light scooter deck makes learning tricks so much easier. You’ll be able to whip it around like nothing!

So there you go, those are just a few things that make the Lucky Crew deck so good. You can pick up your new Lucky Crew complete here! Make sure you tell your mom to get one before they all sell out!!!