Best Gifts for Christmas 2014

This is the year of the pro scooters! No Elmos, no pet rocks, no Pokémon board games (well, actually we’re ok with Pokémon game). But scooters will rule under the tree this year. Complete scooters, custom scooters…these will be the best holiday gifts this year.

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Why will pro scooters be the hottest holiday gifts for 2014?

Are they the hottest toy? Are they new? Why you ask? Several reasons.


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First, it’s arguable that they are toys, although scooters have been around for a while. From the days of the fold up scooter (most people know them as Razor Scooters), these have been considered toys for the younger kids. No longer entirely true. There are still pro scooters for the younger and first time scooter kids. Consider these pro scooter models for less than $150.

So yes, still considered a toy by some.

Second reason why scooters are the hottest Christmas gifts for 2014 is because of the popularity of the sport. Go to your local indoor or outdoor skate park, and you’ll most likely find as many, if not more, scooters. Not only popular, but on the rise are actual scooter competition and events. Not only in the US, but around the world, pro scooters are very popular.

Third reason why scooters are the perfect Christmas gift is there’s a different style for every kid, young or old. While everyone wants a scooter, they don’t necessarily want to have the exact same scooter as everyone else. Here’s a great resource, a pro scooter blog, that describes everything you want to know about scooters, and specifically how you can get one unique or custom for a holiday gift.

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Merry Christmas from the Pro Scooter Shop team!