I want to ride aluminum bars but don't want to ride SCS. What should I do?

If you’re a true scooter rider you know what aluminum bars are and why most kids want to at least try them. They’re so light and easy to barspin. Something a lot of kids don't realize is the fact that aluminum bars are standard on the inside but oversized on the outside. You may think to yourself “well how could this be”. Well, since aluminum is weaker you have to make it thicker which right there makes it standard on the inside and oversized on the outside. A little tricky to picture unless you have a pair for yourself. Basically there are no “oversized” or “standard” aluminum bars, there are only “aluminum bars” (standard on the inside oversized on the outside).

Let’s say you have a pair of aluminum bars and want to ride them. Well if you’re not trying to ride SCS because of whatever reason there are two other systems you can ride, ICS or IHC. ICS better know as internal compression system is probably the weakest compression system out there. You insert a starnut into your bars then you put a bolt through your fork and screw it into the starnut. It’s a hard way to go because its weak, doesn't last long, and is super hard to tighten. IHC (internal hidden compression) on the other hand, is the play. IHC is basically HIC but for standard sized bars (on the inside). You have to use a special fork for IHC (envy or fasen). Good thing we have a huge selection of IHC fasen forks in stock! IHC is super easy to use. You just tighten up your shim then put your bars on and tighten your clamp, its that easy! Another great thing about IHC forks is how much they weigh. All IHC forks are super light which makes it even easier to do tricks!


So to recap, if you want to ride aluminum bars but don't want to ride SCS I suggest you buy an IHC fork! You won't be disappointed.


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Here’s a great video that shows how IHC works