Should I get scooter pegs & are they worth the money?

Pegs are a fairly new thing to the industry. It wasn't until aftermarket parts came out that you really started to see companies produce pegs. Pegs range anywhere from $20 - $30 (thats the price for two pegs not one). Alot of times kids really want to get pegs but then buy them to realize they don't like them. Pegs definitely have their advantages and disadvantages. Below I’ll talk about the question “are scooter pegs worth the money”?

The reason pegs appeal to a lot of people is because of what they offer. Pegs are a gateway to a whole new bag of tricks and ideas. With pegs you can do ice pick grinds and toothpicks. You can do tricks into 5050s and out of 5050s. They just make grinding so much easier and stylish.

You should get pegs if you like to do a lot of grinds and aren't worried about the pegs interfering with how you ride. What I mean by this is if you land sketchy a lot or like to take sharp turns, the pegs could scrape the ground causing you to mess up. If you like doing smith grinds and are more of a “street” styled rider, pegs are definitely for you. The amount of tricks you can do with pegs is endless. They open up so many new possibilities that they're well worth the money.


You should not get pegs if you ride a lot of park and don't do too many grinds/5050s. Pegs just add a little weight to your scooter and if you don't think you’ll use them, don’t get them. I have seen some major park riders ride pegs (for example Kota rides one front peg) however the majority of people who ride pegs would have to be “street” styled riders. If you feel like you will only use them here and there what I suggest is you buy a pair and if you’re feelin it you can throw them on really quick and have a sesh then take them off.


Personally I dont ride pegs because for how I ride they just get in the way; however every person is different so they could be perfect for you. I think one of the best things about pegs is that you can just take them off if you don't like them. Everyone should at least buy a pair of pegs and try them. If you don't like them just take them off and save them. You never know when you might want to try them out again or sell them to your friend!


You can pick up a fresh set of pegs here!!!


So to answer the question “are pegs worth the money”, yes they 100% are. Also, personally I would recommend the Lucky pegs as those are the ones I have tried and wow are they great!!


Check out James shredding the Lucky pegs back in the day!