Scooter bars - should I ride backsweep or no?

Here at PSS we sell bars with backsweep and bars without backsweep. A lot of time kids are confused as to whether or not they should ride bars with backsweep or without backsweep. I’m going to list my personal thoughts on this matter and what I think of backsweep.

Why you should ride backsweep - The only thing that really comes to my mind as a positive to backsweep is tuck no handers. If you do a lot of tuck no handers I would ride backsweep. With backsweep, your knees can better fit around the bars and the bars sit better around your waist allowing tucks to be much easier. Besides that, I can't really think of a positive to riding backsweep.

Why not to ride backsweep - I wouldn't say there's really any reasons NOT to ride backsweep but it is easier to do some things without it. Take barspins for example. A tad harder if you have backsweep just because of how the bars come around. Also tricks like bartwists, bri flips, anything with a late bar, etc.


Honestly my true opinion is if you flow around and don’t do too many tricks I would ride bars with backsweep because to most people they do feel a bit more comfortable. If you do a lot of park type tricks and are always trying to improve your riding I would go with bars without backsweep.

Just remember you can ride bars with backsweep and do all the park tricks but in my experience it is easier with non backswept bars!

(typical bar backsweep is anywhere from 2 degrees to 5 degrees)

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