MGP completes | which one is right for you?

This last year MGP released there VX4 line and man was it something special. Madd gear made some huge upgrades with these new lines of scooters including flat sides, lighter parts, etc. The only problem is, which MGP complete is right for you? I decided to give my input into this question and write my thoughts below. Check it!  


MGP VX4 team scooter

The team scooter this years a huge step up from the team scooter last year. This thing got upgraded to the max! We stock six different colors so you’re bound to find one you like. With three degrees concave and some really good grip tape, you’re bound to stick that first tailwhip and roll away with style. This scooter was hands down designed for beginners in mind. From the parts to the price point this is the top scooter on any young kids wishlist. If you’re just getting into riding and are looking for something that will get you around the park yet is durable and can withstand the beating, the VX4 team scooter is for you.


Fluted Chromoly Y4 Bar

Integrated HIC Threadless Fork

4" VX4 Fluted Flat Bottom Deck

CNC Aero Alloy Core Wheel

Extruded Triple Clamp

MGP VX4 nitro scooter

Personally, the nitro is my favorite out of the three MGP completes. This thing is perfect for any rider. The top line pros ride this as a complete and have no problems whatsoever. Just like the team scooter, we stock six different colorways. The green colorway is my personal favorite. It just looks so good. The nitro comes in a little bigger than the team edition (bars & deck). Honestly this scooter is for anyone and everyone. Its perfect for street or park and it won't break on you. This is the middle line complete from MGP.


Fluted Chromoly Bat Wing Bar (21" x 23")

Integrated M1 Threadless Fork

4.5" VX4 2 Tone Fluted Flat Bottom Deck

Cold Forged FILTH Alloy Core Wheel

Fitted Triple Clamp

MGP VX4 extreme pro scooter

The extreme complete is the best MGP has to offer. This thing is a beast out of the box and can allow you to stick those bangers right away. This scooter is basically a little bit of a nicer nitro. With a 4.5” wide deck, you’re feet are never going to slip again. The all new slimmed down BMX looking fork and the fresh “vicious wheels” will make heads turn. This scooter is for the serious rider who has some cash to spend and wants to get a serious ride. Also, the slimmed down head tube makes for a strong but light complete.


Fluted Chromoly Bat Wing Swoop Bar (21" x 23")

Integrated M3 Threadless Fork

4.5" VX4 Fluted Flat Bottom Deck with Cut aways

Extruded CNC VICIOUS Alloy Core Wheel

Fitted Triple Clamp

Ok, I know that was a lot of information to take in so allow me to fit it all into a paragraph. If you’re just starting out and can't really do too many tricks yet, get the VX4 team scooter. As far as the nitro and extreme go, it’s kind of up to you. These scooters were made for the advanced/pro level rider. They’re only $30 apart and have the same sized deck and bars. Honestly if you can't decide between these two scooters, I would just go for which ever one you like the most.

You can pick all three of these completes up at along with whatever scooter parts you may need!