Crisp Scooters | All four Crisp completes

All four Crisp completes


Here at Pro Scooter Shop we sell all four of the Crisp completes. These are quality scooters at a very fair and reasonable price. The biggest question I get asked when kids come into the store asking for a Crisp scooter would have to be “which one do I buy”? With four scooters to choose from and a ton of different color ways, a simple decision and become a nail biter. So sit back and look at the big picture. Which one will best suit my riding style/level? Well, if you’re having a tough time coming up with an answer to this question, allow me to help. Take a look at my breakdown of the Crisp scooters.



Lets start with the biggest and beefiest scooter Crisp makes, the Ultima 125mm. This scooter was designed for the bigger and better rider. It’s long and wide deck alongside its 125mm wheels make this thing a beast to ride. It’s the most expensive out of the four completes but thats because its the biggest. If you're a taller, heavier rider, and you want something thats going to last you along time as well as go SUPER fast, the Crisp Ultima 125mm Scooter is for you.


Crisp Ultima 125mm Scooter


  • 125mm wheels to go SUPER fast
  • 5.0” wide deck for the riders with big feet
  • 23.6” high by 23.6” wide bars for the tall riders
  • HIC compression
  • Most expensive Crisp complete
  • $299.97


Crisp Evolution Scooter

The Crisp Evolution scooter is my favorite out of the bunch. It’s Crisp’s second biggest scooter. This baby comes with everything you could need to do the sickest combos or hit the fattest street rails. And with four different color choices, you're bound to find one you like. If I were a pro/am level rider I would shoot to get this scooter.


  • 21.65” high by 20.9” wide bars
  • HIC compression
  • 110mm 88a urethane wheels
  • Only weighs in at 8.0 pounds (complete scooter)
  • $249.99

 Crisp Ultima Scooter



When it comes to the Crisp Ultima, you’re getting a good scooter. It’s basically the same scooter as the Evolution just a little smaller and different in a few ways. I would say this is the perfect scooter for a beginner or AM level rider who wants something they can enjoy and get better on. It has the same head tube design as the Ultima 125mm scooter. If you’re just starting to get into it and you want to pay very little for a scooter, then this is the play.

  • Deck is 4.2” wide by 20” long
  • Same bar height and width as the Evolution
  • Non integrated / HIC
  • A little lighter than the Evolution
  • $199.97


Crisp Inception Scooter



The Crisp Inception is the lowest level scooter Crisp makes. Its designed for those super young riders who just want something to cruise around on at the park and for those parents who don't want to spend $200 plus on a scooter. If you have never been to a skatepark before and you just want something thats better then a stock razor A-model, get the Crisp Inception Scooter.  

  • Threaded headset
  • 100mm wheels
  • Only 7.7 pounds
  • Deck is 4.35” wide by 19.75” long
  • ONLY $159.99

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So there you have it, hopefully you didn't bite all your nails off haha. I hope this helped make your decision on which Crisp Scooter to get a little easier.

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