Scooter checks | Why do we do them

Scooter checks are a common video for many riders.  But why do we do scooter checks?  Good question and one we'll take on here at Pro Scooter Shop.

The sport of pro scootering is taking off around the world.  From the very young to the young adults, guys and gals...makes no difference.  We all share the same passion for the sport.

A common passion within the sport is checking out what others are riding.  So a scooter check is one of the best ways to do this.  You get to see your favorite riders; beginner, amateurs and pros. 

Another common reason why viewers like scooter checks is to see what a scooter part looks like on an actual custom scooter.  Curious about a specific SCS clamp?  Or maybe a set of 110mm wheels?  What about the latest scooter decks?  Scooter checks are a great way see those parts in action.

What are some reason why you look for a scooter check?  We'd love to hear for you.  Leave us a comment.

We're also including scooter checks from our riders here at Pro Scooter Shop.  Enjoy!

Thanks for reading and following!

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Ryan Lingg's scooter check



Amy Michalak's scooter check


Cianan Briscoe's scooter check


Zach S. Scooter check