Pro Scooter forums and blogs | Good scooter info

There are several great blogs and forums with a ton of interesting and relevant scooter info.  If you know of more, shoot us a note and we'll take a look.  If worthy, we'll to our list.  Enjoy!

Impact Scooter News - a good variety of top riders, regional and world events, interesting and new products.

Inside Scooters blog - another nice collection of scooter activity.  You can usually find a great selection of various promotions and discounts from quite a few pro scooters online.

Scooter Dad - super informative site for general scooter info and local events.  Young shredders need to check out the scooter and skate park etiquette.

Pro Scooter Shop blog - ha,  we'd be remiss if we didn't toot our own horn here!  We cover just about anything about scooters.

Pro Scooter Shop team - Redmond, WA