Pro Scooter Shop - Compression systems

ICS, HIC, SCS, threaded, threadless...stop!  What does is all mean?  For everyone interested in knowing more about their custom, pro scooters, you have to know about compression systems.

We'll give a brief overview here, but the good people over at War Scooters put together a great video to help drive home some learning.  Check out the video below.

OK, what's the purpose of the compression system?  This system is what helps to secure the fork and the bars to the deck.  It 'squeezes' (or if you prefer, compresses) the fork and bar.

Now, what types are there?  Well, you have the following, with the first one being 'threaded' and the other three being 'threadless':

Again, check out Major Kevin and the War Scooter's video a fun and educational romp through compression system 101.

Pro Scooter Shop team

Compression overview video from War Scooters