District Pro Scooters - addition to the v4 family

District Scooters have been favorites of Pro Scooter Shop for some time now.  The integrated v4 is a tight scooter, combining solid design, lightweight complete and a mid-ranged price.  The basic black or white options keep it simple, but you'll be noticed at the park.

We sent an integrated v4 to our rider, Luke W in Chino Hills, CA, to get his input.  He loved the weight and solid design.

The original v4 has the integrated headset and 110m scooter wheels.

Now District brings us another v4 with a slightly lower price but compromise on quality and style.  The new v4 District scooter is a sweet ride, non integrated headset and 100m wheels.

Whatever your preference, and if a District scooter is in your future, we've got your ride!

Pro Scooter Shop team