Pro Scooters - the Lucky Warthog dirt scooter

Early summer time and that means camping.  Camping...what in the world does that have to do with pro scooters and scooter parts?  Well, funny you should ask.  Today's little pro scooter story...

I stopped by the scooter shop this afternoon and had a good chat with Pro Scooter Shop rider Ryan Lingg.  He mentioned that a customer had called the shop inquiring about the Lucky Warthog dirt scooter.  We have them in stock so the customer mentioned he'd swing by.  Like that.

About 30 minutes later customer comes in and sure enough buys the Warthog by Lucky.  We chat for a bit and he said he was buying it for his kid as they were about to go... you guessed it...camping!  They do a lot of biking and off-road stuff so the Warthog was going to fit right in.

Shout out to Brett H and his investment in the Lucky dirt Warthog!  Thank you!

What about you?  Camping and dirt scooters in your future?

Pro Scooter Shop team