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12/16/2015:  The $99 scooter deal is now over.

Pro scooters for sale for under $100?  Make that one pro scooter.  Ever heard of such a thing?

We're updating this post to include one of the most impressive $99 pro scooter we've ever seen.

The Disciple pro scooter from AO Scooters gets the nod from us here at Pro Scooter Shop.  What makes this scooter such a great deal?

For us the most impressive reason is that it has a threadless headset and fork.  Threaded headsets rarely stay tight, causing the bars to be loose and creating a very annoying rattle.  Threadless forks and headsets have the look and behavior that most high end pro scooters do.  Now that's impressive for $99.

The other notable feature is are the bars.  Cut just the right size for the young shredder, measuring just 20" tall and 18" wide.  A very comfortable grip width (distance between hands when holding the bars) for shorter arms.

Finally, the deck is also a great size.  19.5" long, but 4.5" wide, so the smaller feet have a lot of deck space to stand on.  This provides a lot of stability when you're just starting out.

Yep, the Disciple pro scooter gets top marks from the PSS team!  

Pro Scooter Shop team

99 disciple pro scooters


November 27, 2015 by David Power
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