Pro Scooters - a quickie about Sacrifice Flyte scooters

OK, I've got to write a couple of sentences about the Flyte 100, specifically the green one.  Here's how this went down...

Tuesday nights I keep our pro scooter shop in Redmond, WA, open from 5pm to 8pm.  And as the owner, this is my shift.  Today, I walk into the shop and there is a customer talking with Gary (by the way, Gary is the most knowledgeable scooter tech in the business.  no joke!).  Customer is a young gal, I'm going with 9 or 10, and her mom.  There are 3 or 4 scooters on the floor for evaluation.

I say hi, jump behind the counter and let Gary and the customer do their thing.  I happen to notice that we brought in one Sacrifice Flyte scooter 100 (in green) and it is still on the rack.  But wow, the green is some kind of awesomeness!  I can't say that it was Seahawk's green, cuz I can't and it wasn't but....  wow!  The online pics do not do it justice!

I pull it off the wall to get a closer look and the thing is feather-light, too!  I literally say 'oh my God, this scooter  is sweet!'.  And it is....well, was.

Short story way too long, but even the young customer liked it.  So much so, they bought it!  Dang...and sweet!  Right?!  I wanted to take a picture.  I think we'll be bringing in a couple more of those rides!

Anyway, Sacrifice scooters, you did right by me on the green one!  thank you

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