Pro Scooters - A look at Madd Gear Pro MGP scooters

We love scootering and the pro scooters industry here are Pro Scooter Shop!  The riders are sick, the products continue to evolve and the fans are intense!  The companies behind the products have great stories, so we thought we'd write a quick story on one of these companies...Madd Gear Pro or MGP.

Did you know that MGP was formed back in 2002 in Australia?  And it wasn't until 2010 that they expanded into the US, UK and Europe.  Check more of their history here.

Their pro scooter product line included the VX2 and VX3 editions.  They also produced the Ninja (4.0" and 4.5") and provocative She Devil.  We've had some interesting feedback in our pro scooter shop in Redmond, WA, about the She Devil.  Not sure how many of the Moms loved that one.  :)  The End of Days line of products was also a hit.

MGP carries a great range of products from the entry level, intermediate and well into the advanced and professional riders' needs.  The new VX4 scooters once again are proving to set a high bar with riders.  The Vx4 lineup includes the MGP vx4 Pro, MGP vx4Team, Nitro, and rounding out with the Extreme.

If you're looking for a great entry level, rugged, well-priced pro scooter, check out their VX4 Pro.  We think this is going to be a wildly popular pro scooter for those riders ready to see what trick scootering is all about.  A nice touch by MGP providing a 'do it yourself' sticker kit with the Pro.  Let's you customize the look yourself!

And a final shout out to the friendly and helpful people at MGP, Charles, Michele and Melanie!  Thank you!

Scooter riders, would love to hear your comments on MGP scooters!  If you're shopping for a MGP scooter, please use discount or promo code 'maddgear10' on your next MGP scooter purchase from Pro Scooter Shop!

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Next week - a look at another industry favorite, Lucky Scooters!