An introduction and first series...scooter safety - Pro Scooter Shop

First, introductions are in order.  I'm David and am the proud (new) owner of Pro Scooter Shop.  I'm excited to be a small business owner with a retail shop in Redmond, WA.  Please stop by and say 'hi'!

The pro scooter sport interests me because it is getting our kids and young adults out into the fresh air.  :)  I have a little history in the scooter market, but will save that for a later post.

Watching today's riders with the scooter skills they have is amazing.  If you're a parent with a new rider in the works, I highly recommend that you take an afternoon and visit a local skate/scooter park.  I have some links to Redmond and Seattle area scooter parks, but you can go to Concrete Disciples site for parks all over the world. (yes, I know CD is mostly for skateboards, but they still have an amazing site for parks).

For those new riders (and parents), and even the experienced and professional riders, freestyle scootering can be a high risk sport.  So safety is a must.  Which leads me to my first topic, scooter safety.  Don't worry, future posts won't be so 'boring' but to keep pro scooter shop (and others) in business, we have to teach safety first.

Basics are a must, starting with scooter helmets.  There are several brands including Protec and CODE, which we carry.  But you can find all the brands by searching online.   I encourage you to visit the International Scooter Association site for more details. My favorite quote and rule is simple 'no helmet NO riding'.  Can't stress enough about scooter safety and the scooter helmets.

Scooter helps come in all sizes and colors.  Size is determined by the circumference of the rider's head, measuring from about the middle of the forehead to the back of the head.  Sizes range so that ages 3 to 53 can all be safe while scootering.  Check out the CODE scooter helmets that we carry.  Don't see a brand or style, leave a comment and we can check on availability.  Even if it means referring you to another site, safety is that important to us.

Hopefully that gives you a taste for scooter safety and helmets.  Next up I'll cover scooter elbow and scooter knee pads, and we'll end with a post about scooter grips.  Scooter grips and safety?!?  Yep, we'll explain.

Thank you for reading!  And thank you for helping Pro Scooter Shop be your scooter stop!