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Which grips should I buy?

With the vast array of grips we sell/every shop sells, which grips are right for you!? Well I’m going to tell you because I already know. Just kidding I really don't know because every person is different but I will tell you which grips 99% of scooter riders pick to ride.

ODI softies! Yep, you most likely guessed it. ODI is probably the biggest grip company in the world. I remember when I first started riding scooters they didn't even have ODI softies, they only had the regular ODIs. Alot of people were complaining about them being too hard at first so they went to the drawing board and created the ODI softie. The ODI softie has only been out for a few years but boy are these the perfect grips. They come without flanges and are already really comfortable. Unlike the regular ODIs these come super soft and ready to ride, with no need to wear them in! ODI softies take ages to wear out as well. I had a pair that nearly lasted me a year, which is so good for a pair of grips! They also don’t get slippery like most grips do. Even if you’re sweating up a storm and try to hold on to these grips you will have no problems. Also these grips are really easy to put on and take off unlike most grips. Finally, there perfect size for scooter bars. Not too long but not too small. With the wide range of color choices and the cheap price of $11.60, these are the grips you’re going to want in your stocking!

(these grips also come with bar ends and a key chain)


If you want to watch a visual review on the ODI softies check out this video!

November 17, 2014 by David Power
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