TSI Scooters Zenith scooter deck 6.4x23 - raw

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Pacific Northwest powerhouse scooter company Trick Scooters International, or TSI, has done it!

Color/shade:  raw

100% Pure TSI, this is the new Zenith. Handbuilt in Portland, Oregon by some of the most experienced scooter creators in the industry. This deck may look like others on the market, but looks can be deceiving. We have combined all the best innovations of our best selling decks into one incredible scooter. featuring the low profile of the Satellite, with the most favored features of the Boxcutter; the flat bottom & noseplate for maximum grind stability. Coming in at 6.4 inches wide & 23 inches long, this deck is our roomiest to date. Made from internally fluted 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, extruded right here in town. finished off with even more streamlined deckends this time around, this is the Piece de Resistånce of TSI. on steroids.