Trampoline scooter tramp scoot for tricks - INDO 670

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Trampoline scooter to practice your pro scooter tricks!  Tramp scoot with two different size risers (handle bars, in other words)


●  WORLD FIRST OFFICIAL TRAMPOLINE SCOOTER - Deck is built to nearly eliminate causing damage to the trampoline mat

●  PRACTICE TRICKS IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD - master tricks on your tramp.  Or if your parents give you the OK, in your house, too.  Probably the garage is good place to start, then work up to asking if you can practice inside.

●  MASTER YOUR TRICKS - perfect for tweaking your scootering tricks before you hit the parks

●  LIGHTWEIGHT AND SAFE - well, as safe as anything can be in the hands of kids, especially boys.  But intended for trampolines so super lightweight.

●  SERIOUS FUN - enough said

Boring specs

Intended for kids 4 1/2 ft to 5 ft tall.  But expect Steezy Moms and Rippin' Dads to give it a try.  Have ice packs ready.  And camera.

Intended for people 110lbs or less

The tramp scoots weighs a little over 2lbs

Handle bars are made of aluminum

Bar height is either 22 inches (the 570mm model) or just over 26 inches tall (the 670mm model)

Bar width is a little over 16 inches (43cm)

Grips?  Yup, comes with the tramp scooter

Deck is made of this soft, elastic material.  Technical terms.  Actually feels like Styrofoam to me.

The parts that help the deck spin (or the bars spin)?  Pre-greased to make it spin easier.

Of course it comes with installation instructions.  But seriously, isn't that what YouTube is for?

Comes with bunch of parts that kids will love, Dad will kinda love, and Mom may or may not love.  Included in a plastic bag THAT IS NOT A TOY.

REPEAT:  The plastic bag is NOT a toy.  Recycle it.  Immediately.