Skate and scooter grinding wax - best wax for grinds - big cup

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Finally, a wax brand that gets it!  Wrrecked Wax is buttery smooth but not too sticky.  Sized right to fit in your hand!  Wrrecked comes in its on biodegradable bag for safe and easy storage.

Color and style:  black big up

Approximate weight:  5oz

Our grind wax packages contain the following:

  • One wax mold made from a combination of paraffin wax and pure bee's wax
  • Dye made specifically for paraffin wax and designed to help prevent staining
  • Four (4) Wrrecked stickers
  • Carrying bag made from biodegradable burlap, with a drawstring to keep your grind wax in its place.

Do not eat or put in your mouth, any of the items mentioned above.

Do not leave in the sun.  Store in a cool, dry place.  It's wax for wrrecked will melt.

NOTE:  We do all the wax work by hand!  Sourced locally, melted and poured by hand.  We even shrink wrap and package!  A true local, human experience.

We're always messing around with colors, so your color might not look exactly like the one in the picture.

To help ease the wax out of the molds, we use a smidge of olive oil.


Wrrecked wax makes your scooter or your skateboard more slippery.  By design.  Test it carefully before going all out.

Wrrecked wax may stain fabric.  Keep it store in the bag it comes in.  Don't put it in your pocket, or on the car seat, or on your mom's couch.  It can stain fabric.