Shane Castro - Affinity pro scooter bars

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Hi.  I'm David and I own the Pro Scooter Shop.  I'm an OG and grew up skateboarding, not scootering.  I see the passion and energy riders put into the sport of pro scooters.  Proud to support the sport and our team, and all that call scootering their thing.

I don't know Shane but my team made me aware of him and what Affinity was doing to support the Castro family.

I picked up some of his bars from the gang at Affinity.  For all of Shane's bars we sell, we'll donate all the proceeds to support his family.  

From the words of the Affinity gang...

"On May 10th, scootering had one of the best taken us. Many called Shane Castro a good friend and role model, and he shared his energy and love for riding like none other.

In honor of his memory, we have worked closely with his friends and family to put out a handlebar that closely ties in to a life well lived and tragically ended in defense of a friend.

$50 of every bar sold from will go directly to support Shane’s family through this difficult time. We want his friends and family for their patience and the opportunity to do something rad to make sure he lives on as a legend in the California scene and scootering as a whole. 🤝 🌵

  •  24" Wide x 28" Tall 
  • USA Made 
  • Built by riders, for riders