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Scooter and skate wax - Wrecked Wax

$ 1.99

The ultimate in scooter/skate/grind wax...Wrecked Wax!  Made from a blend of paraffin wax and beeswax, it provides the perfect grind surface.  Gentle on your hands and deck or board.

Local sourced, melted and molded right in the Pacific Northwest!  We even shrink wrap in the shop!

"Wrecked on, wrecked off"

Designed and intended for grinding.  Do not eat.


Wax:  paraffin and beeswax

Dye:  water, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, sorbitol, propylene glycol (sunset yellow, lemon yellow, amaranth, bright blue, red peony, chocolate brown, bright black, carmine, leek red)