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S1 Lifer Scooter Helmet - replacement pads

$ 8.99

Scooter helmets by S1 (S-One) helmet company.  S-One has a ton of technical goo about their helmets.

Have an S1 Lifer helmet but need new pads?  We have you covered, uh, padded.

Front/back liner pads

Replace your S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners with some fresh ones! The S1 Lifer Helmet Sizing Liners are replacement front and back pads for the S1 Lifer helmets.  These Liners are compatible with adult Lifer Helmets.

The thicker the liner/pad, the tighter the fit.

Top pads

These are pads that go on the top inside of your S1 Lifer helmet. A perfect medium between our larger 8mm and smaller 2mm top pad. It is compatible with both Mini Lifer, Lifer, Mega Lifer, Lifer Visor, Retro and Fullface helmets. It will stick to the top of your helmet with velcro. This size top pad comes in every S1 Lifer helmet standard and is the stock/recommended replacement.