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Proto Scooters with another series dedicated to a rider who has contributed more to PROTO than any other rider.  Chema Cardenas

Travelling the world representing the brand, filming and editing video parts, helping design, refine and test some of Proto's most legendary products and systems not to mention single-handedly leading the Mexican scooter scene for the past 20 years. By industry standards he is an ancient Relic in scootering from the very beginning of the sport.


Inspired by Chema’s Mayan roots in Guadalajara, Mexico, the “Relic” series represents Chema’s age in the scooter industry and a lifetime of work to further our sport and the pursuit of his dream to become a citizen of the world by using two wheels to explore it all.⁠

#PROTOrelic #MadeInUSA  #RidePROTO

Coming in at 6″x24″, the PROTO Relic Griptape fits all deck sizes but is sized to easily fit larger decks, a perfect fit for the PROTO Space Deck. The PROTO Logo Griptape features a standard (SD) grit feel, a laser cut PROTO logo, and printed graphics. Made in the USA.