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Wow!  Caution yellow is right!?!  This is beautiful.  And a sweet 5.75x22.5 profile, weighing in at a meager 4 pounds 4 ounces.

We love support TSI out of the Pacific Northwest!  Local, chill and stellar quality.  We brought in a very limited supply of their anodized series.  In their words...

"We sent a few Satellite 21.5 decks out to local anodizing shop.  They turned out ok but could have been prepped a bit better. So, they are not perfect but still very cool!             No graphics.   We only did the 21.5 and just the  3 colors. Red , Blue , Gold"

The Satellite is the culmination of TSI's knowledge of making scooters.  They've taken all their best ideas as well as some new ones and combined them together to make one highly desirable scooter deck.  Wider, lighter and thinner than the BoxCutter.      

The Satellite has a 5.75 in profile and weighs in at a cool 3 1/2 lbs.  They changed their approach to the deck end design adding a nice radius grind surface, and widened the center channel to accommodate the modern larger size wheel.  Internal fluting adds strength by removing unnecessary material.

Includes Flexfender  and spacers for Standard 24mm wheels

Color/shade:  taxi cab yellow

The Pinnacle of passion and hard work at TSI