ODI softies scooter grips - blue

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ODI soft scooter grips

Color/shade:  blue

ODI softies, are the customization you need for  your pro scooter.  These tough Longnecks scooter grips have the classic ribbed pattern, are super soft, and do not have the flange. They have a much more comfortable feel than the original ODI Longnecks.

Riders love these scooter grips for a couple reasons.  One, super soft which makes them easy to grip.  Two, they're durable.  Aside from griptape, the grips get the most wear and tear so you want scooter grips that will last.  Three, variety of colors to choose from.  Got a favorite color or maybe a favor team?  Pretty sure that these ODI grips will have a color for you.

Little known fact too that most people forget.  The hanger has a built in key chain!  Look closely at this picture.  One arrow shows the cut out..spells 'odi'.  The other arrow shows where the metal ring is, tucked behind one of the bar ends.  Sweet!

ODI soft scooter grips