Large Straight Fingerboard rails by RealiT Rails

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Fingerboard rails by RealiT Rails

Model:  large straight


We believe in the spirit of small business and creativity!  And providing kids of all ages the opportunity to live their passion through the sport of scootering.


fingerboard rails

RealiT Rails are affordable, quality fingerboard rails that are easy to transport. You can do all sorts of tricks and there is a fingerboard rail for every preference.

RealiT fingerboard rails are lightweight aluminum with sturdy non-slip bases. Product is also made in the USA.


The Large Straight Rail measures approximately 12 inches long and is the best selling in the entire family of rails.

- Smith grinds

- Crooked grinds

- 50/50 grinds

- Board slides

- 5-0 grinds

- Nose grinds

- Back tail grind