Envy Scooters IHC to HIC scooter fork kit

$ 10.99

Looking to switch from IHC (standard) to HIC so you can ride oversized bars?  Check out this shim to do just that.  Includes:

  • Shim
  • Top cap
  • IHC bolt
  • IHC spacer


Does not include a fork

This kit works with most forks found on the Envy One v2, Envy Colt and Envy Prodigy scooters.  This kit will not work on other brand's forks.

Installation tips

Use the black space that comes with this kit.  It goes on FIRST down over the fork.

The shim (metal sleeve with the ridges) goes over the fork the way it is shown in the picture; the 'skinny' end goes down over the fork.