Envy Colt

$ 159.99

envy colt pro scooter

Updated Colt is in!

  • 110mm 6063 Aluminum PU86a wheels
  • 22" tall x 21" wide bars
  • 19.5" x 4.75" deck

Does this sound familiar?  "Mom, by Razor scooter is crappy.  It rattles when I do jumps and whips.  I'm embarrassed to ride with my friends".

Then the Colt from Envy Scooters is just your scooter!

  • Solid construction made to take the jumps, spins and  yes, some times the crashes.  (never rider without a scooter helmet)
  • Lighter in weight so the young shredders can whip all day long.
  • Best selling entry level pro scooter that we carry!

"My most common comment/question from young riders, and parents of young riders, is 'what's the best entry level pro scooter?  All we have now is our old busted Razor'.  We go right to Envy Scooter's Colt.  Strong, light and great color choices.  Right size for smaller kids, and rugged enough for to handle jumps, spins, whips.  You name it".

- David - owner, Pro Scooter Shop

The smart savvy riders love specs.  So here you go!

  • Wheels - 100mm Metal Core wheels 88A PU
  • Deck - 6 Series Alu deck  | angle 82.5  | Width   113mm/4.45"  | length  482mm
  • grip tape - Envy Block logo griptape
  • Fork - 4130 Heat treated Two Piece fork
  • Compression - IHC
  • Headset - Integrated fully sealed
  • Clamp - 2 bolt clamp
  • Bar - High tensile 550mm/21.65" High x 490mm/19.3" wide
  • Grips - Envy TPR Handgrips with Nylon bar ends
  • Weight - 3.4kgs/7.5 pounds (shipping about 10lbs)