Custom Pro Scooter - Teal and Envy

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Custom pro scooter for the park!  Parts from Ethic, Envy, Fasen, Lucky, Trynyty and Hella Grip.

  • Deck:  Ethic Erawan 4.5x20.7 black
  • Grips:  Envy teal and black
  • Bars:  Envy reaper v2 - blue - 25.5 tall x 22.5 wide
  • Clamp:  Lucky triple oversized teal
  • Headset:  Trynyty integrated black
  • Fork:  Fasen IHC Bullet - teal
  • Wheels:  Envy JET 110mm x 24mm black on teal
  • Griptape:  Anton from Hella Grip
  • Total weight:  6lbs 13 ozs

NOTE:  We extended the slit in the bars, so there are very slight, cosmetic scratches on the bars UNDERNEATH the clamp.

Best pro scooter stand (not included):  Lucky scooter stand