Custom Pro Scooter - Street style - Tilt Hella Grip River Wheel co Padel

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Customer Pro Scooter designed and built by PSS team!  This one is street...all the way.

Always building the best STREET pro scooters.  This!  Like it says...LEGIT

  • Deck:  Envy Charles Padel 6x23
  • Griptape:  Hella Grip Anton
  • Bars:  Tilt Stage 1 black 24x27.5
  • SCS:  Tilt SCS Classic silver
  • Wheels:  River Wheel Co Kevin Austin sigs 110mm
  • Fork:  Tilt Rigid silver
  • Compression:  SCS
  • Headset:  Tilt integrated black
  • Grips:   Tilt Metra teal