Custom Pro Scooter street style - Big Wise

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Looking for a one of kind custom pro scooter?  We have you covered!  Designed and built by PSS employees!   Street style with parts from top brands Wise, Prime, Ethic and Tilt!

This is a big, big scooter.  

Name:  Big Wise

Deck:  Wise MA v3 boxed 6.3x22 - black

Wheels: Ethic Calypso 30x125mm STD 12

Bars:  Tilt Sentry XL 24x32 - black**

Fork:  Prime Vortex STD 12 SCS/HIC - red

Compression/clamp:  Tilt Classic SCS - black

Headset:  Tilt integrated - black

Grips:  Ethic - black

Griptape: Wise MA sig

** Scooters the Tilt Sentry XL bars, not the chrome Stage Ones.  Just haven't updated the picture yet.

Includes fork and deck spacers to support 8mm axles and 24x110mm/24x120mm wheels.

NOTE:  As with all our customs, there might be very minor scratches on the bars and sides of deck as we test fit the parts, custom cut and apply grip tape.