Custom Pro Scooter - Ethic Trynyty TSI Proto Tilt -The Mastdodon

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Custom pro scooter for the serious big rider.  Bigger, beefier, more beautiful and flat out awesome. Can you say 125mm x 30mm wheels?

  • Deck:   Ethic Vulcain Boxed - black
  • Wheels:  Ethic Mogway 125mm x 30mm raw
  • Bars:  Prime Storm XL black - 31x25.5
  • Fork:  Trynyty Mastodon - black
  • Grips:  Ethic - black
  • Compression:    Tilt Rigid SCS - bronze
  • Headset:  TSI black
  • Grip tape:  Proto High Definition (HD) gritty - black
  • Weight:  10lbs 9oz

This is a big, big scooter.  From the top of the bars to the ground...43".