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Looking for a one of kind custom pro scooter?  We have you covered!  Designed and built by PSS employees!  Purple and more purple.   Entitled "Purple It"

Build date:  11/28/2021

Deck*:  Lucky Covenant neo purple

Wheels:  Root Industries AIR 24x110 purple

Bars:  Lucky AI aluminum bars

Fork:  Envy Prodigy v2 IHC - oil slick

Clamp:  Envy 2 bolt - purple

Headset:  Tilt purple

Grips:  Tilt Metra violet (close enough for us to purple) with Envy purple swirl ends

Griptape:  Lucky star extra gritty

Weight: 7lbs 8ozs

 * - this is the last of these decks.  Our has some scratches on the bottom.  Just cosmetic scratches.  We've adjust the price to reflect this.

No returns or exchanges or refunds on any custom scooter.