Custom pro scooter - black Ethic Tilt

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Park style hybrid* custom pro scooter designed and built by PSS!

NOTE:  The deck is ever so slightly dented on the head tube; see the last couple of pictures.  The dent is on the outside of the head tube, not on the inner side.  This matters because if the dent was on the inner side, the headset bearing wouldn't fit.  There are some slight scratches on the deck and the dust cover, too.

No refund, no returns, no exchanges, no complaining. 

  • Deck:  Ethic Pandemonium 19.3"/490mm matte black
  • Bars:  Tilt Rigid aluminum black
  • Wheels:  Root Industries AIR 110mm black
  • Grips:  ODI softies black
  • Fork:  Aztek Templar ivory (yes, the Templar supports 24mm wide wheels with the M8x3mm spacers we added)
  • Compression:  Envy SCS black
  • Griptape:  Root Industries 'R' black
  • Headset:  Tilt and Ethic and a used black dust cover

Weight:  6 pounds 13 ounces

* - Typical 'park style' scooters don't have T bars.  But who wants typical?  The Tilt Rigid aluminum T bars are the most under-rated aluminum bar on the market.