Blackriver Cruizers Fingerboard wheels - green

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Blackriver high performance wheels are designed, produced and assembled in Germany.

Blackriver Wheels Cruizers are characterized by a wider contact surface compared to Blackriver Wheels Classics, Streetdogs und Blanks, and a bigger radius compared to the almighties. They are not only perfect for flowing through a street park, but also for riding transitions like pipes and bowls.

The wheels have a high quality side print to give you a hyper realistic fingerboard feeling.

Blackriver started to design and produce professional fingerboard bearing wheels in 2010. In 2020 they decided to put their creative energy in their own products and to move forward. Ever since they want to provide professional fingerboard bearing wheels and make passionate fingerboarders happy.

Four (4) wheels included

Color/shade: green


  • Intended for use with Blackriver trucks
  • Blackriver trucks not included