Affinity Scooters Basic Bars - heat finished - oversized

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Affinity Basic pro scooter bars, heat finished!  Created for a few reasons. Affinity understood that $80+ for a handlebar can be a lot to shell out, even with the stellar quality they put into every bar. With this is mind they set out to make an affordable bar that still embodied the quality fabrication and welding they put into our Classic T Bars. 

To accomplish the task of creating an affordable T bar with the same fabrication and welding they went back and rethought the material choice. Instead of using 4130 Chromoly they opted for a more cost effective yet strong material. This material is called DOM. Both Chromoly and DOM are used standard in roll cages and are both approved by the NHRA. 

  • Oversized
  • Crossbar is .083" thick
  • 26" tall, by 22" wide
  • 065" thick tube

As always, the material is American sourced, the craftsmanship is by riders, for riders in the USA and the powder coating is durable and done locally.

Good for the brain - Chromoly and DOM explained here

chromoly dom explained