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Wow!  What a turnout and what incredible riders we got to see!  Over 60 participants, and 45 additional friends and family.

Thank you to all the riders for the dedication to the sport.  And the YMCA did an awesome job.

Here are the full results for Advanced and Intermediate.  We'll get the Beginner division posted in the next few days.

See you next year at The Muk!

We borrowed the scooter scoring methodology and scooter scorecard from Ronka Underground.  Thank you, CrazyScooterMom!

Advanced division

  1. Dejon Taylor
  2. Wyatt Anderson
  3. Zack Tally (Pro Scooter Shop)
  4. Patrick Schneider (Pro Scooter Shop, Lucky Scooters)
  5. Max Boyer-Kendrick
  6. Jonathan Rowe
  7. Carson Schiefner
  8. Cooper Devaney
  9. Jackson Burklund (Pro Scooter Shop, Lucky Scooters)
  10. Cameron Hays
  11. Jordan Mitchell
  12. Joey Moore (Pro Scooter Shop, Aztek Scooters)

 Intermediate division

  1. Gary Isacson
  2. Mason Kury
  3. Isaac Hofer (Pro Scooter Shop)
  4. Adrian C
  5. Zach Shaw (Pro Scooter Shop)
  6. Jimmy Gordon
  7. Will Judy (Pro Scooter Shop)
  8. Cianan Briscoe (Pro Scooter Shop, North Scooters)
  9. Colton Elliott (Pro Scooter Shop)
  10. Sawyer Danchuck
  11. Devin Keeler
  12. Tyler Hamilton
  13. Rahul Atreya
  14. Jayden Loch
  15. Nathan Warner
  16. Micah Moeller
  17. Finn Mittelstaedt
  18. Shane Morrill

 Beginner division

  1. Carl Senth
  2. John Dias
  3. Ayden Pickering
  4. Ashton Boyce
  5. Max Kruse
  6. Mitchell Golab
  7. Taylor Howell
  8. Joshua Huehn
  9. Justus Fejerang
  10. Alex Pauldine
  11. Jeremiah Winesberg
  12. Robin Newmann
  13. Aiden Van Poplgeest
  14. Tyron Blackshear
  15. Connor Macaulay
  16. Elliot Kim
  17. Kevin Gordon-Olson
  18. Skyler Nebenfuhr
  19. Wyatt Goodwin
  20. James Roberge
  21. Anthony Lunde
  22. Jacob Gove
  23. Ryan Macaulay
  24. Colby Middleton
  25. Seth Danchuk
  26. Lucas Garrad
  27. Dylan Downard


Mukilteo YMCA and Pro Scooter Shop are stoked to announce the 2nd Annual 'The Muk Games' and this year's scooter comp!

Register today at the YMCA's site!


Address:  10601 47th Pl W, Mukilteo, WA 98275

Phone:  (425) 493-9622

When:  Saturday, July 15th, 2017 (Sunday is the back up in case of weather)

the muk games 2017

Time:  9am (registration) to 3pm

YMCA layout


Jake Hershey (aka @nekbeard) is returning again this year to be the MC!  If you've met Jake or been at one of his events, you should be pumped!  If you haven't, then you are in for a treat.

jake hershey

7/14/2017 Update

Guess who else is donating some scooter swag?

north scooters

AO Scooters joins in on the fun as the next sponsor!

ao scooters

Tilt Scooters is the first sponsor to step to the plate!  Going to be legit!

tilt scooters


Competition starts at 10am sharp!

What:  Northwest Premier scooter competition.  3 divisions (beginner, intermediate, advanced), best tricks, raffles, cash prizes (at the Advanced level), food, drinks.

Where:  YMCA in Mukilteo

Main Sponsor:   Pro Scooter Shop (PSS)


AO Scooters, Tilt

Scoring:  Riders will be scored on the following:

  • Style
  • Technical skills
  • Use of park
  • Difficulty


Parents - here's what you want to know

Costs:  This is not for profit.  Costs are kept low so anyone/everyone can attend.  Fees collected go straight to the YMCA to cover costs.  No money goes to PSS or any sponsors.

Still time to register online

Fun:  All day long!  We'll have music, food, beverages (no alcohol whatsoever!), giveaways.  And most of all scooter goodness!  Best tricks, local big-name riders, free time for scootering, and the competition!

What to bring:

Sunscreen and hats.  This is an outdoor park with no shade.  It can get hot, even in Seattle.

Chairs.  Seating is limited, and along the back wall.  Small camping or beach chairs are recommended.  There's not room for any large chairs.

A little extra cash.  Registered scooter rider's lunches are included in the registration fee.  Family and friends can buy hot dog, water and chips for $5.  Some waters and snacks will be provided free of charge.

What to expect:

We'll have a structured and organized event with plenty of activities to keep the scooter riders busy, and friends/family entertained.  We expect the event to start right at 10am, and end between 3-4pm.

Beginner riders will warm up and compete first, then intermediate, then the pros. Most kids want to stick around for the Pros.

Here's the schedule, but we'll adjust if needed:






  Registration opens



free riding, warm up



  welcome, announcements, how the day will run, food, sponsors, first aid, rest rooms



Beginner warm up

Judges watch for anyone that should move up


Everyone in beginner group gets one 1-Minute run



Free ride, raffles, best trick from beginner group


Noon – 12:30

Beginner awards, lunch

 Intermediate riders eat first


Intermediate warm up

Judges watch for anyone that should move up


Everyone in Intermediate will get two 1-minute runs.  These will be in heats of 5 riders per heat.  First 5 riders will complete 1 1-minute run, then the same 5 riders do their 2nd 1-minute run.  Heat 2 will be the next 5 riders, and so on.



Free ride, raffle best trick from intermediate group



intermediate awards



Advanced warm up



Everyone in advanced will get two 1-minute runs.  These will be in heats of 5 riders per heat.  First 5 riders will complete 1 1-minute run, then the same 5 riders do their 2nd 1-minute run.  Heat 2 will be the next 5 riders, and so on.



Raffle, best trick from pro group



Final announcements, advanced awards



Clean up and close