Are you looking to have a new, totally different birthday party?

Let Pro Scooter Shop help plan your next event!

Scooter birthday parties!

We will have one of our riders join you and your party, teach a few tricks, talk about scooters, dial a few scooters, sign autographs, and even bring some scooter swag!  You get choose your own rider from our team (subject to availability).

Total Cost is $149 for 1.5 hours (90 minutes), and includes:

  • One Pro Scooter Shop rider attending the party
  • Ride along if the party includes kids riding scooters
  • Instructional session on 1 or 2 basic tricks
  • Demonstration on how to ‘dial’ a scooter (dial means to tighten up your ride to take care of any unexpected rattles)
  • Autographs from our Pro Scooter Shop Rider
  • Six (6) Sticker packs (additional packs are $5 each)
  • One (1) Pro Scooter Shop t-shirt (white or gray) for the birthday boy/girl
  • Personalized, 10% discount code good for 14 days after your event, and valid online or in the retail shop

You can read more about our Pro Scooter Shop riders below.


  • Most skate/scooter parks are public, which makes them unavailable for private use. For this reason, we recommend having the scooter party at your house. This will also allow you to control who will be attending the party.
  • At this time, party locations are limited to Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah (we will travel as far east as North Bend), Bothell, Kent and Renton.  We cannot accommodate events with less than two-week’s notice. NOTE: selected riders may need to be substituted with alternate riders due to unforeseen circumstances.
    • Just in!  Amy has joined the Pro Scooter Shop team.  We now offer birthday services around the Rockwall, TX, area.  All bday party attendees in the area have to supply their own helmets and scooters.  Sorry, no extra scooters in TX...yet.
  • It is preferable that birthday guests furnish their own scooters and helmets for the event. This allows them to practice and try tricks on their own scooter.
  • We do have a very limited number (usually less than five) of used scooters and helmets, in case of emergency (like someone doesn’t have one or forgets theirs). These are not for sale, and are used (but safety checked by our team). We offer these as no additional charge, and must be returned to the Pro Scooter Shop rider before they leave your party.
  • Pro Scooter Shop riders will bring their own scooter and helmet.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any further questions.


Thank you!




Ryan L.

pro scooter shop rider ryan lingg

Ryan is a senior at Eastlake High School.  He's been scootering for about four years.  Ryan knows scooters inside and out and can tell you anything you  could possibly want to know about scooters. Ryan is also really good at finding out how to make your scooter the best it can be. You can also find Ryan a couple days a week at the Pro Scooter Shop in Redmond, where he works.  Ryan is great with kids of all ages, and he's a crowd favorite!

Zach S.

He's been riding since April 2013.  Favorite trick is double-whipping the spine, first trick was the 180, currently working on the Bri Flip.  Zach is a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and a huge anime fan.  Younger riders will love having Zach at their bday party!


Amy M

pro scooter shop rider amy


Amy is in Rockwall, Texas originally from Murrieta, California, and has been riding for 2  years.  She was inspired to try scootering by her brother, Conner, and is a fan of pro scooter rider Jon Reyes.  While Amy is perfecting the double tailwhip, she finds time for basketball and her awesome dog, Kyla. 

Cianan B.

(Canadian customers!  In the Victoria area)

Cianan (pronounced kee-nan) is in Victoria B.C. Canada, and joins the Pro Scooter Shop team with a passion for scootering.  He's 15 and has been in the scooter sport for a couple of years.  Please contact us directly at Pro Scooter Shop if you are interested in our delivery area.


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