Affinity Pro Scooter Bars - For the demanding riders

Lots of scooter bars out there, and lots of really good scooter bars out there.  We want to highlight the best DOM and chromoly bars.   Period.

Affinity Scooters, found on Instagram at @rideaffinity, has got the goods on bars.  Sourced, designed, welded and shipped right out of the USA.

Why such high praise?


These guys know the sport and know the stresses that riders exert on the bars.  To withstand that much punishment, bars have to be made with the best materials by the best metal fabricators.  Whether you choose their chromoly bars or their DOM bars, same quality.


Can a straight T scooter bar be beautiful in design?  You better believe it.  One look at the welds AND the massive range of colors and you know Affinity pays attention to design.

affinity pro scooter bars


 At the time of this writing, $80 for a pair of high quality bars may or may not, to some, sound 'affordable'.  Affinity gets that.  So what did they do?  Keeping in mind the same quality metrics and design principles, they developed their Basic bars.  Basic scooter bars follow the DOM (Drawn Over Mandrel) process for tubing, maintaining strength but allowing for a lower cost solution.

Customer Service

In our experience, no business, including our own, gets it right 100% of the time.  What matters most how a business handles those situations where the customer just isn't 100% satisfied.  Affinity stands behind their products, and as a small business owner the buys directly from Affinity, and deals directly with customer's issues, I'm very pleased with Affinity's warranty model and customer service.


How does style differ from design?  Easy.  Design focuses on the actual physical product, in this case, Affinity scooter bars.  Style is all about how the product looks and feels to the riders that are using these bars.  Once again, Affinity nails it.  Designed by riders.  Made by riders.  Ridden by their riders.  Affinity is all about street style.

affinity pro scooter bars

Enough talk.  Check out this collection of Affinity Classic XL scooter bars!

Cop a set today!

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