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Tilt Stage 1 (previously Scout) scooter bars

$ 87.50

Introducing the evolution of the Tilt Scout pro scooter bars....the Stage 1 bars by Tilt Scooters!

Directly from Tilt:

"Stage I Handlebar is crafted to be the best balance of strength and price. As far as we know, these bars are the only T-bar available that is heat-treated after welding. Tilt's unique heat-treat process strengthens the material to decrease risk of bends and cracks. You get incredible strength at a fair pricepoint. If you're looking for steel bars, you honestly can't go wrong with the Stage I Handlebar."



Weight: 2.9lb
Material: Heat-treated 4130 cro-moly steel
Size: 24" W X 27.5″ H
Backsweep: 0.0°
Upsweep: 0.0°
Steertube: 3D Formed


Clamp & Compression: Standard 1-¼"




Original Scout specs

Tilt Scooters delivers on their Scout scooter bars!

Scout Bars are heat-treated straight gauge 4130 cro-moly steel with a large stock height and width to meet the requirements of all riders. Stock size of the Scout Bars is 27.5" tall by 23" wide and are available in black and chrome.


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