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Custom Pro Scooter - Plaid Oil Slick

$ 299.99

Custom Pro Scooter

Park style custom pro scooter designed and built by the Pro Scooter Shop.  Calling this one Plaid Oil Slick.  Parts from Envy, ODI, Fasen

  • Grips:  Fasen black
  • Bars:  Fasen OZZI chrome (aluminum)
  • Clamp:  Lucky double oil slick
  • Headset:  Envy oil slick
  • Fork:  Fasen Bullet IHC fork oil slick
  • Deck:  Envy Prodigy v2 oil slick
  • Griptape:  Envy logo plaid green
  • Wheels:  Fasen DOT chrome 120mmx24mm