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Hella Grip Danila Popov Bronze White

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Hella Grip - Danila Popov Colorway- Red and Bronze

6" wide by 24" long

From Hella Grip...

"I’ll start off by saying I wouldn’t recommend using this new colorway grip to fashion a set of adhesive grillz for your teeth… but I also wouldn’t blame you for trying. Only the Golden Boy of The Bay, Danila Popov, could have busted out such a fabulously flossy color scheme for his Hella Grip Signature Colorway. If you’re all about shinin’ as bright as Homie Danila, then you already know you need that gritty gold under your feet. Each logo is printed on our freshest sheets of 6 x 24 Formula-C Hella Grip. Danila is such a high quality human being that he even produced a video to accompany his colorway’s release, which is rich in those steezy golden clips. In the meantime, add this glorious grip to your Holiday Wish List and start saving up for that matching solid-gold deck."